About me

Hi, I’m Insun, a healthy foodie. Welcome to my blog!

Food is a big part of my life. My grandma and aunties taught me how to prepare and cook some Korean food, but otherwise I’m pretty much self-taught. I moved out of parent’s house when I was in early 20s and had to cook for myself, which wasn’t that fun and I wasn’t interested in cooking that much that time. Then I moved to Australia at the age of 22 when I discovered all nice ingredients and food here. I started reading cookbooks and searching food blogs on the internet.

The road to simple clean eating began a few years ago when I suffered from IBS and skin conditions. I had a number of visits to local doctors and was hospitalised a couple of times, though no one could tell me what was going on in my system. Despair and hopeless! I could feel both Western and Oriental medicine just didn’t work on me, and inside of me was just falling apart. Since I’ve changed my diet eliminating gluten/ wheat, refined sugar, oil, additives and preservatives, my health started coming back. Changing to whole, natural and unprocessed food was definitely the way towards cure for me and a lifestyle transformation. I’m not a strict vegetarian or vegan, but enjoy having fresh fruits and vegetables more than meat dishes. I find eating the way I eat nourishes my body as well as mind. I don’t need to go through expensive fad diet or cleanse to feel fabulous.

I love cooking and baking for other people. It is such a pleasure when you see people enjoy your food and compliment with a big empty plate:)

Having studied physiotherapy and nutrition helped me to have a great understanding how our body works and needs. I am passionate about people understanding that healthy eating doesn’t mean tasteless and boring. I continue to research the healthy diet and lifestyle, which I would like to educate other people as well.


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