Photography in Europe

Here are more photos I want to share with you from my Europe trip.
europe6europe9My favorite part of travelling is taking strolls through an old ancient town with cute little lane ways and endless amazing views..sometimes I cannot find any words to describe such beauty. I also love going to churches and cathedrals although I’m not religious. The sound of bells from church draws my attention and I’m already locating myself to where it comes from. The fine art paintings, sculptures and architecture in there are so inspiring and admiring.europe12europe10Isn’t that amazing how the images bring me all the vivid memories as if I’m right there and can feel the warmth from the sunshine, hear street musicians and smell beautiful coffee from local cafes. Travel does that to us. Something magical! europe8IMG_1308Enjoy every moment of your journey through life. Embrace the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. Try to squeeze in little holidays in your life. It doesn’t matter how far you go, how long or with whom. Don’t worry about phone calls, emails, Facebook, etc. Enjoy the moments. Stillness. Quietness. Focus on yourself. Make it happen 🙂europe7europe11