J’aime Paris

RougeWhat a magical city – Paris! I just loved strolling around the romantic streets, indulging myself in beautiful French wine and food which was more than enough to satisfy my demanding taste buds. I didn’t quite get Paris syndrome after holiday (Yes, it is real. It is a transient psychological disorder encountered by some individuals visiting or vacationing in Paris or elsewhere in Western Europe), though I do miss this place so much.arcadeNotredamestreetsThis is what I like about Paris – the romantic streets, bridges, chic Parisian style (red lipstick, scarf around the neck, no-makeup-makeup and cigarette), full of history and modern at the same time, creamy colour buildings, gorgeous boulangeries every other streets, the art of pastry… pantheonwineAfter a long walk, about 25km pretty much non-stop, we were absolutely exhausted by the late afternoon and were already heading to the hotel without even realising it. As a result and me wanting to have a nice shower, wrap myself in bathrobe and have my feet up, we spent that evening on the bed with French wine and nibbles which were picked up at the Mono Prix next door. Red wine, lots of cheese, crackers, black olives, nuts – what else do you need? I must admit it was surprisingly a memorable and comforting dining experience 🙂meVery last meal in Paris was escargots and grilled goat cheese on toast for entree. Main was divine – Provence style braised squid with quinoa and duck breast with honey and raspberry sauce. We were wowed by presentation and then seduced by the flavour.16What an incredible holiday in France. It was sad to leave when I was just getting close to perfecting “Bonjour” and “Merci”. I hope we will meet again soon.paris