The Punch Lane in Melbourne


It was my birthday yesterday. Well it was my mother-in-law’s big 60th a day before, so it was kind of a continuation of that celebration I guess. We went out to this nice restaurant for dinner with in-laws last night. This restaurant is located at the end of China town in Melbourne. You can see a big sign of Wine Bar, Punch Lane on the street. Size of the dinning area was just right, not too big nor small. Antique furniture, wine bottles at the back of the wall, jazz music, very attentive waiter, good atmosphere. Food was good too. Freshly baked bread with e.v.o.o and sea salt to start with. I couldn’t have bread though everyone said it was really nice. For main, I had a barramundi and clams in ‘crazy water’. Daniel had a duck breast with pickled cumquats with green bean salads on the side. Fish was cooked perfectly melting in my mouth though sauce was a little salty for my taste. Green bean salad was crunchy and refreshing compliment very well with mains. Dessert was watermelon, meringue and rose sorbet with ‘happy birthday’ writing on the plate to cleanse the palate before we left. Sweet of my hubby, booking a nice restaurant and organising a birthday dessert for me. Big thanks to him! I enjoyed a nice food and company last night.

Seriously Melbourne is in my heart. I’ve visited probably about 6 times over the years. I never get sick of this city full of culture and fashion. I cannot explain exactly what it is, but there is something that makes me come back again and again. Well..I am very excited and looking forward to moving to Melbourne as soon as things get organised quick enough. People complain of unpredictable Melbourne weather. Well while we were staying for 3 days, yes we had a cold rainy morning, sunny afternoon, windy and cold evening. However, I reckon I can deal with a little crappy weather for all the other good things about Melbourne:) My heart is pounding already just thinking about living there!

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