The Wang’s Treasure House

Chinese Dinner

Daniel and I got invited to the CNY celebration dinner last weekend. We’ve been to their restaurant for CNY for a couple of times now. Thanks to William and Kim, we were so spoilt having a Yusheng and lobster noodles and watching a lion dance. Yusheng is a raw fish salad consisted of raw salmon and mixed vegetables and a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. I love the freshness of salmon sashimi, crisp vegetables and grated ginger. Downside of the dish is that it gets so messy around the plate while you are mixing up the salad. It literally goes everywhere. For the lobster noodles, Daniel got his hands dirty and peeled off the shell for me. There is something about this kind of act that I find sexy in men. Not opening the car door or pulling your chair out at the restaurant, but peeling off shell-fish or setting up barbeques or cutting up a steak for women. You know we don’t want our hands dirty when we are all nicely dressed up. Is it just me? :p

With regards to lobster, the best ones I’ve ever had are the humongous steamed lobster at Chelsea market in NY (one jumbo size can easily feed 3-4 people) and the lobster sashimi in Korea. I went to this lobster specialised restaurant with mum near her apartment. Their lunch course consists of a small bowl of lobster-rice porridge for start, lobster sashimi, grilled lobster in two flavours (sweet chilli, butter and cheese), clear lobster soup to finish. What I like about that restaurant is that you can taste different types of dishes with one lobster, they respect the ingredient and don’t waste a thing. They also gave us a complimentary drink when we sat at the table just because two women were on a lunch date. I must go back there with mum and take some photos next time. So good!

After three hours of eating and chatting, they even gave us a take-away sweets to take home. So nice of them. If you would like to try, book a table since it is a very busy restaurant near Morley Galleria shopping centre. They are open for lunch and dinner except Tuesdays.

The Wang’s Treasure House
4 Wellington Road, Morley
08 9275 4020

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