Breakfast Parfait


I am an early morning person and therefore breakfast is a must to get me going. Well believe or not, I do eat two breakfasts plus morning snack until lunch time – I know I eat a lot >.< Normally I have a big glass of lemon ginger tea with apple cider vinegar and eat a home-made GF muffin in about half an hour. I then go for a walk – love the stillness and quietness in the early morning. When I get home I take a shower and have my second breakfast, which is usually a parfait or another breakfast muffin with tea. I know our breakfast rituals are evolving nowadays. There is so much to choose from – porridge, granola, omelet, frittata, fruit salad, smoothie, eggs on toast, etc. There is a whole world of breakfast to explore. I don’t understand some people who skip breakfast because breakfast can be darn delicious and doesn’t take much time to prepare.

My latest breakfast love affair is this parfait. Be creative and have fun making tasty and lovely looking breakfast! If you are not a morning person, make it a night before and keep it in the fridge. You wouldn’t be able to wait to dig in:) For me, I put soy kefir at the bottom layer, sprinkle a teaspoon of spirulina powder, spread pureed fruit (any of your choice – kiwi, berries, banana, mango, passion fruit, etc) and top with something crunchy like buckwheat (it’s gluten free, hooray!), carob nibs and goji berries. There you are, you have yourself a perfect breakfast with no time at all. If you add honey or maple syrup on top it could also become the perfect dessert. I don’t have to go through nutritional values here. You know already it is good for you!

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