Buddha Bowl? Goodness In A Bowl

Buddha BowlHave you heard of “buddha bowl“? It is probably the most nutritionally-balanced meal in the universe, with the perfect blend of carbs, protein, fat, and micronutrients. Like, you could eat it every day for the rest of your life. I always wanted to do a “temple stay” one day in Korea. The name explains all. You go into the temple and live like monks for the weekend or longer. You don’t have to be religious. You obviously don’t have your phone, internet, tv, no social network whatsoever! The program includes meditation, tea ceremonies, mountain trekking, preparing and having a traditional Buddha meal. My uncle did it for a month and strongly recommended it. It cleanses you inside out – clear mind and healthy body!

There is no strict recipe to make a buddha bowl. It is made of cooked grain, raw or cooked veggies and dressing (sounds like a healthy version of bibimbap with no egg on top, right?). Make your own creation, great for lunch or dinner. You can even do this at your dinner party by preparing all different ingredients in separate bowls so that the guests can pick and choose what they want in their bowls. Maybe nice miso soup on the side, too?

Buddha Bowl1Ingredients

Grain base: 1 cup cooked quinoa
Vegetables: carrot, celery, beetroot, tomato, seaweed, radish kimchi, coriander
Dressing: tamari, tahini, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, sesame seeds, pepper
Add tofu if you want to add some protein.

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