Fridge Cleaning Day

I do have a set menu plan for each day of the week and write down all ingredients to go with it. Yes, I do like making lists like all the other women. Me, I do not like wasting food. So I always keep my fridge neat and tidy so that I know what is where. I have a detailed inspection of fridge, freezer and pantry once a week and come up with a dish with leftovers. You can be creative and it is good for your budget and the environment, too. I hope you all do the same thing x

Weekend FeastSo this is our menu today…

Veal schnitzel with spicy tahini sauce
Spicy tamari edamame
Cumin roasted pumpkin with “cheesy” crumb
Watermelon, cucumber, basil and feta salad with balsamic dressing
Weekend feast1

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