Ginger Pomegranate Mint Tea

Ginger Pomegranate M

I am not a juice person. I find it totally wasteful stripping off all that good source of fibre away and drinking a simple form of sugar. So when I hear people on a juice diet or a liquid diet, I feel sorry for them and really want to tell them “just have a piece of fruit or a bowl of salads instead!!!”. Sorry I’m skeptical about it. Although I’m not a fan of juices, I crave for cool refreshing drinks in hot summer days. I do mix and experiment different ingredients to make summer beverages and this is by far one of the best. I think it would be nice having it warm in winter as well. Since I don’t measure things, you can adjust the strength of the tea and how sweet you want in your drink.

50 ml of ginger tonic (you can get it from local health shops. Alternatively, you can use a ginger beer or even freshly grated ginger)
a teaspoon of pomegranate molasses (add more if you want it sweet)
a cup of brewed and chilled green tea
mint leaves (when I buy a bag of mint leaves and don’t use them all for cooking, I blend it with water, lemon juice and rose water, and then freeze in an ice-cube tray. Easy to grab and use when needed)
a splash of rose water (optional, but I think a hint of rose water makes it more fragrant and yummy)
ice and fresh pomegranates for garnish

It is so simple right? It is so rehydrating and tastes heaps better than those sweet fruit juices x

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