Korean Vegetarian Dishes (Bibimbap and Japchae)

While being raised in South Korea, I don’t think I appreciated enough what I had – culture, family, friends, food. Well..I guess a part of it was because I was younger and not as mature. This blog has been the outlet and given me a great opportunity that I can think about my past, present and future..who I am.. I can sit in my own zone in silence, read, learn and write. This journey has transported me to a happier time in my life back home, and I connected food with those memories. Don’t you all have that? When you think about those foods from your cherished memory, it brings you a big smile. You feel like you are just there, you can even smell the aroma and feel the warmth on the tip of your nose. Feeling of love:) Yes, food is so powerful. It can impact us on a deeper emotional level than just physical health. These two Korean dishes. I totally adore them. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, healthy and, of course, delicious! I’m glad I can show you some Korean dishes on my blog. Thank you for visiting my site and sharing my journey x

bibimbapBibimbap is lightly cooked vegetables on rice commonly served in the hot stone bowl, which keeps it warm and also makes the crispy rice at the bottom. The way you eat is add Gochujang, Korean spicy sauce, mix all up and eat. You can put any kinds of veggies but normally bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, mushrooms, cucumber, daikon, tofu, zucchini and kimchi. It can be as simple or as complicated as it can be. I add my healthy spin on it – using raw veggies for good enzymes, tempeh for protein, and cauliflower rice with a light Gochujang dressing.

JapchaeJapchae is sweet potato noodles (springy glass noodles) stir-fried with vegetables. Mum used to make it for my birthday, school picnic day, Thanks giving day or just on the weekends. It is a kind of food you make a huge plate and share with everyone. To make it healthy, I normally steam the veggies al dente, boil the noodles and then mix with a soy dressing in a large bowl. Dressing consists of soy sauce, minced garlic, shallot, vinegar, honey, sesame seeds, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Simple combination, but delish!


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