Raw Banana Cheesecake

raw banana cheesecakThere are so many health benefits of bananas. It is so hard to pick just a few >.< Feeling low? Have bananas. Apparently, they help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin – happy hormone. Do you suffer from muscle cramps? You can protect against muscle cramps during workouts and night time cramps by eating a banana. Want a healthy heart? Bananas are known for high potassium content, with over 400mg in a single medium-sized banana. Trouble with your bowel? High fiber in bananas can help your bowel movements. They are also soothing to the digestive tract and help restore lost electrolytes after diarrhoea. Bananas are very good for your digestion, the only raw fruit that can be consumed without distress to relieve stomach ulcers by coating the lining of the stomach. Bananas are high in antioxidants, providing protection from free radicals and diseases. See there is no single reason not to love this yellow-skin baby. This raw frozen banana cheesecake is so yummy and full of goodness in it. Enjoy the sweetness x


200g raw cashew nuts, soaked at least 6 hours
3 large semi-dried figs
1 tsp cacao powder
1 tsp cinnamon powder
a pinch of Himalayan salt
3 small ripe bananas + sliced bananas for garnish
1 tbsp thick Greek yogurt
1 tsp agar agar or gelatin powder, melted in a tbsp of warm water
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut oil
a pinch of turmeric powder

Wash and drain soaked cashew nuts. For the crust, take 1/3 of the nuts and place in your food processor along with figs, cacao, cinnamon and salt. Blend until combined. Pour the mixture into a container lined with a glad-wrap. Press evenly and firmly with a spatula. For the filling, put the rest of the nuts and other ingredients in your food processor and blend until thick and smooth. Pour onto the crust and spread evenly with a spatula. Garnish with sliced bananas and place in the freezer for a few hours or overnight to set. Take it out of the freezer and cut into a desired portion size (I had 8 squares). Have your knife in warm water to make it easy to cut if you need. It is best to keep the cheesecake in the freezer.
raw banana cheese1

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