Bonjour Paris

21When I woke up to this sky in the morning in Paris I was comforted by the stillness and peacefulness. Another spectacular day ahead of me:) Paris has a charm different to that of Nice or Avignon. Of course it is one of the biggest holiday destinations, so you see touristy places full of crawling people. Then you take a turn to narrow side streets and find yourself away from the hustle and bustle. So easy to get lost. Oh I never walked this much in my life >.< We walked average 20km a day while staying in Paris. Cobblestones look pretty but not that great for my feet. I strongly recommend to take super comfortable walking shoes when going to France.
13We started walking along the Seine to say a quick hello to Eiffle tower on the first day. Oh I so enjoyed pretty Autumn colours in Paris – yellow and red colour-changing leaves, beautiful sun and cool breeze. People were casually having a sunbath and drinking French wine along the river.
14My first encounter with this charming city was about 10 years ago. There are many beautiful places around the world that want to go back to. Paris is one of those that keeps calling me back and makes my heart flutter. I was there with my brother in my early 20s and visited obligatory touristy places. This time it was nice to step off the tourist track and wander around quiet back streets. I cannot put in words, but compared to 10 years ago, it definitely felt different when I went in my 30s. Would that be different again in 40s? I will find out…
14These love locks have gone viral all around the world, even on these old bridges in Paris. Unstoppable lingering thoughts – what kind of love story these love locks have, are those people happy now together, have they ever come back to find their locks again, how many keys are under the Seine? I wonder.
10Vintage markets on the street, rose petals after the wedding, couples doing wedding photo shoots, cute little arcades… all the things that we discovered by walking, not using metro or bus. Sore feet were worthwhile in the end.weddingLuxembourgI absolutely enjoyed poking in and out gourmet shops and groceries in Paris. This restaurant was one of them, very hidden in the back streets. Why not stop for a quick dejeuner? A platter of grilled vegetables, slices of cold meat, Parmesan cheese and a basket of baguette was simple yet delicious. Affogato was surely a nice finish to the amazing meal.11

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