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travelling packI’m off to Korea for a couple of months. I cannot wait to go home and catch up with my family and friends. I love traveling, but not the ‘travel’ part – getting stuck in a little seat for 12 hours, not being able to sleep, dry and stuffy air on the plane, horrible airplane food and alcohol. They all can make you feel more tired and unhealthy after all. My way of maintaining good health while traveling starts from packing my own food and healthy snacks. You need a bit of preparation ahead, but it is totally worth it. Here is my list.

  • Coconut water: Stay hydrated. Coconut water is one of the best ways to rehydrate whilst flying. Avoid or limit alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks as much as you can. If you want to say goodbye to alcohol for the rest of your life, you can also click here.
  • Probiotic tablets: Although I am being careful with what I eat on the plane, different environment and stress can challenge my digestion. I make sure I’ve got tablets in my bag to maintain the good bacteria in my stomach and help with the travel bloat.
  • Herbal tea bags: Pack your favorite comforting teas during traveling. My favorites are dandelion, peppermint, chamomile, green tea and liquorice.
  • Healthy snacks: fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, raw veggie sticks, raw chocolate, home-made bars, muffins and biscuits.
  • Food: Most importantly food! You want something that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, doesn’t smell (for other people), maintain good flavour and texture and is easy to eat. My choice is usually some rice or beans with chopped salad in a small container. I also like mini patties made of quinoa, egg, herbs and veggies. You want to eat something light, healthy and good on digestion.
  • Plane food: Most airlines have a special diet/ meal option that you can pre-order on their website. I normally choose a gluten free meal or raw vegan meal so that I don’t get those mushy and boring packaged meals. However, I’ve had a few occasions of tummy trouble and headaches even after a gluten free meal. So it is still safe to pack your own food if you are super sensitive.
  • Supplements: I take all my supplements with me while traveling, which include valerian root for sleep, magnesium for cramps, green powder for energy and vitamins.
  • In my handbag: I take antibacterial wipes, hand cream, lip balm, facial mist (less than 100ml), aromatherapy oil and some mint.
  • At destination: I’m obviously going back home, but if you are going on a overseas holiday, you might want to do a bit of research where to eat.
avoiding (or at least limiting!) carbonated drinks, alcohol, and caffeine when flying – See more at:
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