Nice la Belle

17One of the things I really enjoyed most while staying in France was to explore the surrounding area with no strict plans. I had a book and other stuff filled with suggestions and information, though mostly strolled around the city and didn’t mind missing out a “must-see” places.
1Nice was a charming little town that we spent the first couple of days. Nice calm beach was only 5-10 min walk from our accommodation. People were jogging, reading, fishing, taking photos, chill-axing. Little shops, cafes, bakeries and restaurants are abundant on promenade, great for tasting local specialties. Relaxed vibes are definitely there in this town.
2I discovered French love reading paper books. Old book stores are easily found every where, which is nice. It is a shame we all are so getting used to mobile phones, tablets and PCs these days. I’d love to buy a couple of books next time when I can read French a bit better 🙂
3French teacher and other travelers said coffee is not real good in France. Guess what? The first espresso that I tried in Nice was delicious! Right balance of bitter, sour and sweet flavour plus a thick crema is heavenly. You will love if if you are a black coffee drinker.
4I had a few different version of Nicoise salads while staying in Nice, but this one is the best. Fresh tuna diced and marinated in e.v.o.o, sprinkled with beautiful fleur de sel, served with simple green salad and enjoyed with vin blanc. Perfect lunch!
5On the second day, visiting the farmer’s market in Nice was a good fun. It would have been nice to pick up some goodies for my kitchen though I don’t think Australian customs will be happy about that. Sun-dried tomatoes, different variety of olives, mushrooms, salts, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, flowers, lavender – you name it, they got it! After a quick trip to the markets in the morning, we had to rush back to the train station heading to Avignon.

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