Sweiss is one of my favorite countries to visit in Europe. It is a small country though has so many different colours since it is surrounded by 6 different countries.
You can experience Germany, France and Italy all in one. It also doesn’t require too much traveling time from one city to the other unlike other countries in Europe, e.g. Greece or Spain.


J’aime boir the cafe noir! I find coffees in Switzerland never failed me even when I had this little black coffee on the river cruise. I didn’t expect much from it though a nice coffee with a petite chocolate for a couple of euros is not too bad at all.

We had a lunch at this fondue house which has got popular for Koreans since it was on reality TV show.
Food was average though I liked that kind of old style restaurant where waiters are friendly and is full of old furniture.
A bad habit I had while traveling was having a snack or sweets on the bus. I justify myself it is okay to try local snacks and reach towards a bag of chips.
I made a good choice though of course like yogurt and cheese (I have to admit they have pretty amazing dairy products!!).
That apple chips were so yummy, just dehydrated green apples pretty much. Munching on them pretty much everyday lol


You never get sick of looking outside while being on the bus. Greens after greens..mountains after mountains.. Il est beaucoup belle!I wish I learned more of German, French and Italian just for a basic conversation when buying, ordering and getting around.
I felt quite rude speaking English to them and not trying their language. They were still friendly enough though you can understand why a tourism is so big in Switzerland.


20130917_160247 20130917_125244


Beautiful Swiss Alps.. breathtaking scenery.. crisp unpolluted fresh air.. stillness.. quietness..

We only had a short walk about an hour in the mountains, but I made a promise to myself that I will definitely go back.I would love to try those hang gliding and hiking Alps. Well I will have to get over my fear of height first >.<
My mum also enjoyed Switzerland, first time for her and second for me. Living in a busy city in Korea, working long hours, looking after other people, etc.
She definitely deserves a good break and needs to get away from that life. I’m so fortunate I can go back home to see her and travel with her as well.
Nothing more valuable than that! You realise how important your family is when you live far far away from them. I’m looking forward to our next trip already:)



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