T1T2I ventured abroad a few times last year. Lucky me! I know. It is such a privilege to travel to find yourself out of routine, put yourself to new adventures, tastes and culture. I love travelling alone as well as with a travel partner who has same interests, tastes and energy. I have been itching to travel again recently and looked back at old photos in my camera and thought I would share some images.  T3Having a foot spa in Pamukkale, Denizli. It literally looks like “cotton castle”, breathtaking views.
T7It is no surprise that I get most excited about the amazing local food and produce while traveling. Fresh fish grilled to perfection and chicken kebab served with rice and salads were simple and tasty. Fresh ingredients and honest food always win! Freshly squeezed pomegranates are every where, only 2 euros a cup. You cannot compare with a bottled pom juice.
T4T6T5Olives…Olive skin Turkish guide…T8One of the things I love about traveling is meeting new people and making a friendship. Turkish men are so relaxed, playing games, drinking teas, chatting and chatting. When do they work?

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