Cheese Platter and Pumpkin Gnocchi


Weekend in Perth was hot hot hot! Scorching heat 44 degrees on Saturday, around 30 over night and 41 yesterday. It makes outing just impossible to enjoy since I’m not a beach person and dislike strong sun here. So we ended up staying home and watching some interesting documentaries and movies – couch potato, which means snacking all day for me. I cannot resist opening the fridge and nibble of things like dried fruits, home-made power balls, sweet teas, etc. Dinner last night also was a cheese platter and gnocchi on green salads. I like making platters. It looks not only colourful and beautiful but you can pick and choose whatever you fancy, and don’t have to worry about leaving out on your plate. is also easy to make with anything in your fridge.

I put a slice of blue cheese, red grapes, capsicum pesto, dried figs, hazel nuts, carrot and mountain bread on the board. I also served a small bowl of rice and shredded braised beef on the side. Pumpkin gnocchi with fried sage and green salad was delicious! It would have been good to have a glass of red wine as well 🙂


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