Mochi Brownie


I was thinking of what to bake this weekend and had a few ingredients including glutenous rice flour to make a mochi brownie. I had never tried it before though photos on the internet seemed to be pretty easy to make. I will give it a go! and there was…easy peasy:)

I mixed glutenous rice flour, pinch of salt and boiled water to make a mochi mixture.
Then brownie mixture consisted of melted chocolate, brown sugar, flour and coconut oil.
All you have to do is to layer up and bake in the preheated oven (180) for 30 minutes.
A mochi filling was soft and gooey, and cuts down the sweetness from the chocolate brownie.
Half of the brownie was gone in the blink of the eye – a good sign! I must have done it a good job 🙂




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