Honey Gift Jars


I cannot believe Christmas is only a week away.

You can see people everywhere shopping for Christmas gifts at the shops. From Custom Dog Blankets to everything beautiful. It is just a crazy time of the year.
I don’t like buying presents just for the sake of buying because you have to for Christmas. I like more of a surprise thoughtful gift whether or not it is small just like the custom slides. Christmas for me is to have a family time with some carol songs and good food back home, not much buying presents.

Daniel and I got invited to Christmas lunch from his friend this year. So I made infused honey jars for them, inspired by Sarah B from My New Roots.I was lucky to come across her blog a while ago when I was searching for some healthy recipes. She puts up awesome photos of food, recipes and her stories, which I’m so addicted now. I haven’t actually followed any of her recipes yet, though her post on this edible gift idea rang a bell for me. It is personal, healthy, pretty, versatile to use, simple to make and special.

I put cinnamon sticks, star anise, pink pepper corns, walnuts, fennel seeds and sliced ginger in the jar, and covered honey over it. Decorate with Christmasy ribbon and let it infuse. I made a big jar for myself as well to have it in my tea or on my breakfast muffin or on salads (maybe with Gorgonzola cheese, walnut, pear and rocket leaves?). It is sitting in my fridge now looking so pretty. I cannot wait to try it 🙂

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