Vanilla and Cacao Raw Cheese Cake


Here is my second attempt to make “raw cheese cake”.

This time I added vanilla in the first bottom layer and cacao powder in the second layer. I added a bit of vanilla yogurt when blending, which helped to get smoother consistency. Very happy with that:)

Who doesn’t like vanilla and chocolate flavour? Well..It has always been my favorite ever since I was young. Even now when it comes to choosing dessert menu, vanilla + chocolate or either one always attracts me. Vanilla panna cotta, chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles, vanilla bean ice cream, mmm,, sounds yummy but unhealthy >.<

I purchased a packet of cacao powder from the local health shop a while ago and started using in baking and making dessert instead of using chocolate or cocoa powder. Unprocessed raw cacao powder contains high anti-oxidants, magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, potassium and zinc. It helps to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and build the immune system. It is also an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer. Not to be confused with cocoa powder, the nutritional value is definitely so different. Colour and smell is very similar to cocoa powder, but it has more bitter taste than sweet. Knowing all that, there is no guilt any more having a piece of chocolate muffin, chocolate brownie, hot chocolate or chocolate cheese cake like this, as long as you make them healthy at home. It is good for you!

I picked up beautiful lavender today on the way home after my morning walk. It’s hanging upside down at the corner of my computer screen now. It looks gorgeous and smells amazing. I’m so lucky to have kind neighbors who have nice herbs out on the streets:)

Raw Cheese Cake

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