Kimchi Tacos

When Daniel and I went to New York last year, we tried mini Kimchi tacos from the street food festival near Flatiron building. I think it was Friday afternoon. We were walking down on the way to Eataly, an awesome food market and restaurants. At the food festival, people were chilling out with good food and wine. Beautiful weather, smell of grills, a bit of music.. We just couldn’t pass there. Americans are more familiar with Korean cuisine, especially Kimchi, than people here in Australia. I quite like their own spin on Korean traditional food. It can be a cheap, grab and go style from food trucks or modern Michelin-starred restaurants. We went to a couple of Korean reastaurants in New York, called “Danji” and “Prime and Beyond”. Awesome food! “Danji” offers a tapas style of modern Korean foods. “Prime and Beyond” is more focused on the dry-aged and wet-aged good quality steak with a Korean flavour. I wish this Korean food trend comes here to Australia one day. What will be like..Korean-Australian fusion?

Tacos were not really my thing, well Mexican foods in general. After seeing deep-fried tortillas, heaps of cheese and sour cream, refried beans (did you know this? it is cooked in lard), and don’t forget a pina colada, there is no wonder why I feel so heavy and head-achy after having those foods. I’m sure you can make healthier choices at the restaurant, but only my way of cooking makes my tummy happy (yes, I am quite picky when it comes to eating out and don’t think I will change. Sorry Daniel!). It is my first time making Kimchi tacos at home. You can make it absolutely vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, so many options!
Kimchi TacosIngredients

For the tortillas
100g of rye flour
100g of rice flour
1 teaspoon of dried yeast
a teaspoon of salt
warm water

For the fillings
home-made Kimchi
pickled cucumber (sliced cucumber, red onion and parsley pickled in white wine vinegar)
spinach salad
bean sprouts
grated low-fat cheese
roasted beef for Daniel
tofu for me

For miso crema
1 teaspoon of tahini
1 teaspoon of Doenjang paste
1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic and ginger
1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar
a touch of cayenne pepper
a teaspoon of sesame seeds
a bit of water if too thick
add some chilli flakes if you are ambitious!
Kimchi Taco

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