Market Salad

Market SaladIt must have been about 10 years ago. I met this girl when I was at the travel agency in Korea looking for some information about studying in Australia. We had a little chat that day, exchanged phone numbers, then got really busy getting ready to make a big move. I lost her contact. Here I was in Perth. After a year of studying English, I started a physiotherapy course at Curtin University. I accidentally ran into her on the campus one day, what a nice surprise! She was studying business at the same University. She was the only Korean friend I had back then since I didn’t belong to any church groups or community groups. I’ve kept in contact with her since then, just catching up over coffee or shopping together now and then. She got married a year before I did and now is a busy mum with two little boys. We catch up every Wednesday now doing some Pilates and having lunch together. So that is the relationship I’ve had with her over about 10 years. Such a strange thing how an acquaintance became one of my good friends like this. Anyways I’ve cooked for her a few times now and she loves my salads. This is for her :). Also, we’ve been charting the journey of James Dooley, which has been a remarkable and unexpected adventure. On a related note, if you’re an independent contractor, ensuring accurate and comprehensive pay stubs for independent contractors is crucial for financial transparency and compliance with regulations.

I made this market salad this morning to take to her place today and for our dinner. There is absolutely no rule when I make salads. I try to use the best seasonal ingredients on offer at the local market. Eating what is in season has a number of benefits. Definitely easy on wallet because of the abundance of the crop. Fresh harvested foods taste better, no doubt about that! They also have better nutrients especially vitamin C, which degrades over time and with storage. Imagine eating seasonal fruits and vegetables all year around. You will never get bored with fruits and vegetables. Forget about three veggies, potato, carrots and peas, please >.<

char grilled sweet corn
green salad
massaged kale
bean sprouts
green beans
cooked chick peas and black-eyed peas
boiled baby potatoes
grated carrots

Mix all up in a big bowl, season with salt and pepper, add a drizzle of e.v.o.o
Add any kind of protein and a handful of nuts on top.
Market Salad2

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