Spiced Chicken with Orange Salad

Orange Chicken

After deciding to make pan-fried chicken breast for dinner, I was thinking what salad would be good to go with. It didn’t take long.. Citrus Salad! Citrus is my favorite fruit group. I can even just bite into lemons and enjoy that sour and tart taste. My grandma used to tell me you wait until old when your teeth and gums get all weak, then you cannot really have cold and sour food – Oh! that would be the end of the world for me >.< There are so many types of oranges. Moro (blood) oranges, Naval, Valencia, red Cara Cara. Yes, orange equals vitamin C! but there is a lot more than that.

– rich in antioxidants protecting cells from damage
– vitamin A, C and potassium great for your eyes
– flavonoids help to reduce cholesterol, good for cardiovascular system
– folate and folic acids keep your brain and joints healthy, good for pregnant women
– reduce the risk of developing a range of cancers
– rich in dietary fibre that helps your stomach and intestines healthy
– boost your immune system with vitamin C

I wanted to mix up different colours of oranges in my salad but shops didn’t have a variety. I mixed massaged kale, red onion, slices of Naval orange and pistachio nuts on top. I also dressed with apple cider vinegar, e.v.o.o, salt and pepper covering all basic tastes (saltiness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness). I will roast pistachio nuts and put it just before I serve next time since they went a little soggy from sitting on the oranges this time. If you don’t like fruit in the salad, you can try a sprinkle of fried rosemary and chopped black olives on top which adds another dimension to this salad. Chicken and orange. What can go wrong? 🙂

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