I went to Eastern Europe in the end of September this year.

Well..I haven’t been able to travel as much as I want since I moved to Australia. Going back home once or twice a year was all for me until last year.

Then I quit my job this April and went back home for a couple of months, which gave me a chance to travel again with my mum and also on my own.

I only went to France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and England about 10 years ago >.< So I was pretty excited about this trip.

Prague and Budapest is my favorite places to visit again. Such a beautiful city!



Although it was September ( Autumn in Korea ), Praha was freezing cold!

I had to wear 4-5 layers of clothes, still freezing. Thankfully there was stalls selling a nice and warm mulled wine on the street. I think it was only a couple of euros.

I was a little naughty having coffees and wines everyday but couldn’t resist! It was seriously good wherever I went.



We had ribs and apple strudel at this local pub just before we left.

It was so tender and succulent, went down really well with a beer :p

20131005_202049 20131005_194541

Although I spent only a few days in Prague and had to move to another city, I fell in love with this city so quick.

It would be nice to visit there again and wander around all back streets.

Maybe going to local markets (Yes, I like food shopping more than clothes shopping haha) and trying nice cafes and restaurants.

Wow..I cannot wait for my next holiday already:)



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