Power balls

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My morning routine is getting up early (well..3am all this week..damn insomnia!), going for a morning walk for an hour and having a shower.

My breakfast is mostly smoothie or tea with a couple of home-made muffins. I did try some oat porridge and muesli before, but not a big fan of it.

I have the best concentration after my breakfast, so try to get some studying and reading done.

It has been almost a month since Daniel and I started studying for French getting ready for our holiday next year.

We go to the class every Thursday night together though I find myself I have to try a lot harder to catch up with other students.

I am certainly enjoying learning new language although it is very challenging in terms of pronunciation and grammar (masculine and feminine >.<).

Taking all these into my brain requires so much energy than doing anything else.

I always have some snacks handy in the fridge.Ā  I made a few of these raw gluten-free power balls this morning.

Simply blend a small banana, natural protein power, black chia seeds, cacao powder, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, goji berries, LSA and one chai tea bag.

Ingredients can change depending on what I have in the cupboard or my mood (?). It helps me to cut down my cravings on sweets and last until lunch time.

It is heaps better than those sweets or snacks from the packet for sure šŸ™‚


Green salad

2013-12-06 09.47.29

It is a hot day here today. I didn’t feel like cooking or anything for lunch, being lazy in this heat >.<

So I made up this green salad with honeydew (melon), brussel sprouts and mint.

You can have some yogurt dressing or citrus dressing on top, though I just liked it by itself.

Sweet from melon, bitter taste from brussel sprouts and refreshing minty taste.

As well as the taste, this salad is so good for you.

Raw brussel sprouts have a cholesterol-lowering benefits and has a great quantity of glucosinolate which is well known for the cancer protection and detox.

These little guys also have so many vitamin antioxidants therefore it is good for inflammation-related conditions and digestive system as well.

Vegetables are so good for you and are a pack of vital nutrients. cannot stress enough šŸ™‚

I should have listened to my mum when I was little. Eat your GREENS!!




Times square…our accommodation was only a few minutes away from Time square so we were walking pass this mad streets every day lol

More food photos from now on :p

20130509_222026 20130515_092225

Best bagel I’ve ever had in my life! floppy bagel and thick cream cheese. Yum:pĀ  Argo tea was a good coffee replacement for me. I wish we had Argo in Australia:(


I had to try this famous banana pudding from Magnolia cafe. Banana and custard..what could get wrong???


Daniel’s snack..Grey’s papayas.


There was this mini cupcake shop nearby our accommodation so we had to try it! It was all gone in ten seconds >.<


We were just waking pass the flatiron building to get to “Eataly”, awesome Italian food market place. There was a food festival on.

stalls with a different kinds of food, wine stating, delicious chocolate, etc. I loved that atmosphere everyone is so cheerful and relaxed in the middle of the day.

We had a Korean Kimchi taco and red wine. There wasn’t much Kimchi in there though.

20130509_064344 20130509_065344

20130509_065351 20130509_073236_1

Ah this restaurant called “Prime and Beyond” is owned by Korean-American. I just purely searched a food ranking app on my phone to decide what to have for lunch.

Luckily it lived up to my expectation. We shared crab cakes for entree which had so much crab meat in side and flavoursome with Asian soy dressing.

I had a steak salad and Daniel a wet aged steak, which was so filling and juicy. Dessert..well we didn’t need after all that food though wanted to try their salted caramel cheese cake.

Two thumbs up for this place! We would love to go back there if we happen to go to NY again.


Lastly divine crape cake from Lady M, which was in the plaza hotel. I tried to make one myself at home though just not the same.

Looking through all photos..we ate so much! but seriously we just picked and chose to go these random places and turned out to be so impressive.

I love NYC šŸ™‚

Busan trip

Daniel and I went to Busan for two nights while we were in Korea last month for holiday.

I went down there with mum earlier this year, then thought it would be nice to show Daniel since he hadn’t been other cities much in Korea.

2013-10-30 13.02.54 0769 Insun and Me

2013-10-27 07.25.19 0538 Insun and Me2013-10-28 13.08.52 0557 Insun and Me

We checked in Lotte hotel which was in the middle of CBD and had an afternoon tea in the lounge.

Petite gateau avec the cafe noir:) very nice indeed. We could see high skype buildings and apartments from the hotel room and lounge.

2013-10-29 11.20.46 0624 Insun and Me

2013-10-29 10.51.49 0602 Insun and Me

2013-10-28 14.26.47 0567 Insun and Me2013-10-29 12.02.16 0642 Insun and Me

Foodwise, there is so much to eat in Busan. We had double braised pork with salad and wasabi dressing for lunch (very hot >.<). Noodles and steamed dumplings for snack.

Delicious and very cheap as well. Busan has a large port and fish market, which makes it famous for sashimi dishes if you are keen raw fish.

We visited a fish market and everyone was trying to sell their fish and get us a table. We randomly chose this one young lady, who gave us a variety of fish and also a little octopus on the house.

You cannot get sashimi any fresher than that, and being in the city other than Seoul, people are so friendly and generous:)

2013-10-29 13.06.57 0663 Insun and Me 2013-10-29 13.15.28 0666 Insun and Me 2013-10-29 13.18.31 0670 Insun and Me 2013-10-29 13.27.51 0672 Insun and Me

There was a firework festival just a weekend before we arrived, and some other fairs on throughout the year.

We unfortunately missed all events since we were there during the week. But, it would have been nice to have a chance to go around other suburbs and go to the festivals cause it is quite a big city.

2013-10-30 11.51.11 0762 Insun and Me

2013-10-30 11.36.16 0732 Insun and Me